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2 Dugard 760 VMC machines are available to carry out 3 axis machining operations, programs built to carry out for high quantity orders with precision and quality 


Press work

With a vast amount of press machines we can offer the highest quality and quanity of products, with a wide range of pre made tools available 


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Extrucut offer high level standard packaging on all produced products with guarantee of protection and integrity no matter the quantity 


Drilling & tapping

With several drills within our facility. We offer high level drilling and tapping aswell as additional services such as deburring and countersinking 

Saw blade .png

Saw Work

Saw work is carried out on 3 automatic cutting saws that hold tolerances of +/- 0.1mm


We possess a large variety of machinery required to carry out every step required in any given design. Multiple machines for drilling, tapping, deburring and counter sinking are available . We also have more advanced machinery for more complex designs such as 2 Dugard 760 VMC machines, A Dugard 200 CNC Lathe, 3 automatic cutting saws that work with a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm, Angle cutting facilitates and multiple press machines with pre built tools for regular products 

All machines are ran by experienced operators and are kept in check to maximize the quality of the work


At Extrucut Aluminium our priority is executing on the design of the product with minimal error, all products are checked at every stage of the process to ensure we stick within the given tolerance agreed on in the consultation process. 

Within each step of the process, from cutting all the way to the packing we keep check of the quality as well as keeping track of the measurements to ensure we keep within the design 


Extrucut have the ability to tend to the needs of the customer whether big or small we make sure we can meet the requirements without compromising the quality of our work and ensure it will be ready for delivery on time fully packed and ready to go.

Our range of automatic presses and saws make it possible for us to carry out larger orders with no over exertion. We also store all of our packing stock in house to provide professional standard presentation of the product   


Over the 20 years we have been running we have been ever expanding our range of products and services that we offer.. With our experienced factory floor staff and wide range of machinery we are able to provide the service needed to carry out almost any Aluminium design. For a full list of products and services contact us online or over the phone to see if we can offer what you need

We work with multiple companies which use our services to provide them with a wide range of products 

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